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Sunday, October 20, 2019, 4 PM

Finissage and Artist talk with Daniela Friebel, accompanied by Franziska Schmidt

Photography by Daniela Friebel

© Daniela Friebel, Revier #14 (Teilestraße/Gottlieb-Dunkel-Straße)

Invitation card (G)    |   Nightingale (YouTube 2 min.)

Daniela Friebel, recipient of the 2018 Haus am Kleistpark photography work grant, has been exploring territories of nightingales in Berlin. She presents her work in a multi-layered photographic installation. The artist set off on nocturnal forays to seek out nightingales in Berlin and then shot these same urban spaces during the day. The images, taken between Platz der Luftbrücke and Mauerweg, show everyday places which otherwise receive little attention. Friebel also recorded the birds’ songs, which they use to claim their territory. The songs form part of the exhibition concept as sound and graphic visualization.
The artist works with photography as a medium that shifts perception and makes changes of perspective possible. With this project, Daniela Friebel not only casts a poetic glance onto our city, but makes the tension between nature and urban space visible. At the same time, she reflects the term “Revier” (territory) in a subtle way. The result is a remarkable project in which art and science intertwine.


© Daniela Friebel, Installationsansichten

23.8. – 20.10.2019
Grunewaldstr. 6 - 7, 10823 Berlin

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