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Since 2015, the Haus am Kleistpark’s Project Room has been a flexible space for experiments as well as exhibition projects, book presentations, and framework programmes. One of the primary focuses of curatorial work at the gallery is artistic photography. The gallery director is Barbara Esch Marowski.

HAUS am KLEISTPARK | Project Room – Programme 2020

Between January and March 2020, the Project Room will be undergoing renovation. The paper workshop’s ceiling is being pared back to its original vaulted form and the floor is being renovated. 

3.4. to 28.6.2020  
Log Book 
Photographs by Mike Chick
Using his father’s WWII-era Royal Air Force flight book as a point of departure, in this exhibition British-German photographer Mike Chick reflects on a personal as well as recent European history. Between 2017 and 2019, Chick travelled to twenty-six European cities in Germany, Italy, France, and Poland, all of which had been among his father’s destinations. 75 years after originally appearing in the log book. Here we encounter contemporary nighttime photographs of buildings, streets, and urban spaces that challenge our ideas of time, place, and memory.

14.7. to 20.9.2020
I Follow Rivers
Photographs by Göran Gnaudschun
In “I Follow Rivers” Göran Gnaudschun traces his life through a series of photographs that, at first glance, may seem trivial but which steadily grow, almost unintentionally, in symbolic power. The images and texts have to do with a process of self-examination. Where am I? How did I get to this point in my life? To what degree has the past been neutralized by my present? Associative ties stretching across images and times. A question of existence. In this extremely subjective work, again and again Gnaudschun seeks to reconcile his interior world with the images of the exterior world.

9.10. – 13.12.2020
Modernism's diversity. 100 years greater Berlin

Ten prominent photographers take their perception of the age to cast a bright light onto the constantly changing city of Berlin. Here, Germany’s Culture of Remembrance also becomes aesthetically perceptible through individual and yet transcendent perspectives that serve to stimulate spirited discussion. This project will be shown in the main exhibition hall as well as in the Project Room. 

From January 2021
Dark Whispers
Photographs by Beatrice Minda
The series “Dark Whispers” is dedicated to Myanmar, a country that was cut off from the rest of the world for decades because of a rigid military dictatorship. Throughout that time, private interior spaces remained hidden; thus they provide insight into individual and collective experiences within the country’s complex history. Beatrice Minda’s photographic eye allows the contradictory aspects of the colonial period and its consequences to emerge. Concentrating on the atmospheres of past lives and the forms of representation in which inhabitants once tried to realize themselves, these works often feature objects that have remained untouched for decades and which therefore bear witness to the cosmos of a lost world. 

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