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The Project Room in the Haus am Kleistpark has been existing since 2015. A space for experiments it is used for exhibitions, book presentations, and supporting programmes, with a curatorial focus on supporting artistic photography. The gallery director is Barbara Esch Marowski.

HAUS am KLEISTPARK | Project Room – Programme 2019

17.1. – 24.3.2019  Object I 
 Berlin-Hohenschönhausen detention centre and prison hospital
A photographic work by Ruth Stoltenberg

Ruth Stoltenberg’s photographs depict the former Stasi prison in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen and its accompanying prison hospital from a personal perspective. These two places of terror and violence, along with her intense conversations with formerly incarcerated witnesses, moved the photographer so profoundly that a deeply sensitive photographic project was able to develop as a result. In her images, Stoltenberg allows the spaces and objects themselves to speak about the horror that took place there.

5.4. – 26.5.2019 Looking Back

Photographs by Marsha Burns

Marsha Burns was the first and only living female US-American photographer to be invited, in 1984, to a workshop at the »Werkstatt für Photographie« held at the Volkshochschule in Kreuzberg. While in Berlin her work was exhibited at the Amerika-Haus. During her time in Europe Burns took numerous large-format portraits of young persons, which now can be discovered anew. This exhibition has been curated by Benjamin Ochse.

7.6. – 11.8.2019  bauhaus

Photographs by Stefan Berg

On the occasion of 100 Years of Bauhaus Stefan Berg – through a contemporary visual vocabulary liberated from previously familiar cultural-historical and architectural discourse – makes it possible for the model thinking bauhaus to become visible in the present. The artist’s goal is to visually display the ideas of the bauhaus: to make the modernisation and formation of a society both clear as well as palpable. Through his concentrated photographic gaze, Berg explores the degree to which the ideas of the bauhaus are manifested in the example of the building in Dessau. Curated by Harald Theiss.

23.8. – 20.10.2019  Revier (Territory)

Photographs by Daniela Friebel

For the 2017/18 Haus am Kleistpark work-grant Daniela Friebel photographically explored nightingale territories within the municipality of Tempelhof-Schöneberg. The result is a collection of stunning photographs of the places where nightingales live. Working at the intersection between art and science and thematizing the field of tension between the human being and nature, the artist grapples with the term “territory” and explores at a meta-level to what degree photography is suitable as a documentary instrument.

1.11. – 1.12.2019 schöneberger art
Known far beyond the neighbourhood, this year the schöneberger art fair will be taking place for the 12th time. The first weekend in November more than 80 artists and galleries will open their ateliers and spaces for the public. This group exhibition will showcase works from participating Schöneberg-based artists, opening 31.10.2019.