Photo: Gerhard Haug

The exhibition space known as the HAUS am KLEISTPARK is one of the largest and longest-running municipal art galleries in Berlin. Across 240 m2 of space the visitor can encounter the work of in Berlin living contemporary artists and also relevant positions from international artists. One of the primary focuses of curatorial work at the gallery is artistic photography.
The broad spectrum of what’s on offer includes numerous cultural-historical exhibitions in which processes of social transformation are an integral part of the discourse. Many projects are realised through collaboration with various partners.
Every year the HAUS am KLEISTPARK awards its annual Art Prize as well as its work-grant in photography. In addition, the gallery offers a separate communications programme for schools.
Since 2011 Barbara Esch Marowski has been the director of the HAUS am KLEISTPARK.


HAUS am KLEISTPARK – Programme 2019

11.1. – 31.3.2019  Die zweite Heimat

Photographs by Peter Bialobrzeski

For The Second Home Peter Bialobrzeski, one of the most well-known and internationally successful contemporary German photographers, travelled throughout Germany with his camera between 2011 and 2016. With his photographs the artist attempts to depict the social surface of the country, that country which has been his home for more than 50 years. Bialobrzeski shoots exterior spaces that have been shaped by people: the city, the countryside, architecture. The present exhibition is a continuation of the original one which was presented at Hamburg’s House of Photography – the “Deichtorhallen”.

10.4. – 2.6.2019  Body and Soul

Photographs by Amin El Dib

Amin El Dib handles the camera with an unmistakable touch, and makes the depiction of wounds and ephemerality the defining elements of his work. In this exhibition the artist will be showing works created both here in Berlin as well as in Switzerland. His subjects range from portraits to still-lifes and landscapes, up through reflections on photography itself. What connects them all is the pictorial depiction of the fragility of being as a part of life. This exhibition has been curated by Dr Enno Kaufhold. 

14.6. – 14.8.2019  In Secret
Photographs by Friederike von Rauch

Atmospheres, spatial connections, and the shifting relationship between architecture, landscape, and surface form the heart of Friederike von Rauch’s art. Her work emanates a sense of timelessness, and its conceptual minimalism allows one’s gaze to touch the previously hidden, while at the same time freeing perception and inviting the viewer on a quest to places which do not allow themselves to be clearly defined. Photography gives the artist the opportunity to observe sharply and perceive consciously, to turn, to concentrate, and to produce clarity.

July 2019 The HAUS am KLEISTPARK at the Rencontres de la Photographie, Voie off in Arles

Göran Gnaudschun will represent the Haus am Kleistpark at the Fotohaus Paris-Berlin during the Rencontres de la Photographie, Voie off in Arles with his series Are you Happy, which was created during his year-long residency at the Villa Massimo in Rome.

30.8. – 9.10.2019  subversiv – Art Prize of the HAUS am KLEISTPARK 2019

Within the context of the promotion of professional artists in Berlin this group exhibition will display work by those nominated for the 2019 HAUS am KLEISTPARK Art Prize. The Prize is endowed with 5,000 Euro. Application material for the 2020 Art Prize will be available on this website under “Art Prizes” beginning in March 2019.

25.10. – 8.12.2019   Hydra – Goldrausch project for women artists 

The Goldrausch project for women artists is devoted to promoting women into prominent artistic positions. In order to be part of the systematic networking of artistic work, the Haus am Kleistpark hosts the annual exhibition, which is accompanied by various artists’ talks. A catalogue will be published to coincide with the occasion.