Sunday, November 10, 2019, 4 pm
Finissage and artist talk with Julia Rosenbaum and Christoph Schieder

Photography by Christoph Schieder

© Christoph Schieder, o.T., aus der Serie periphic, 2010 – 2019
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Influenced by his interests in contemporary Scandinavian photography, Christoph Schieder trains his aesthetically distorted eye on urban landscapes and those spaces shaped by people. The artist describes his workgroup periphic as an observation of stagnation and transformation. The series has to do with the inner split between contrary desires, the grey areas of the spectrum between staying-put and breaking-out.

Christoph Schieder, *1968 in Cologne, completed a classic course of photography in Berlin. After working in Hamburg for 12 years as a photographer and commercial art director, since 2004 he has once again lived and worked in Berlin. Schieder is one of the last students of Prof. Arno Fischer. In addition to nature and urban photography, in his artistic work he also intensively engages with the subject of family.


Exhibition views, Christoph Schieder

5.9. – 10.11.2019
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