The Women’s Museum Berlin as guest 
Hye Young Kim and Susanne Kienbaum

© Hye Young Kim
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The GALERIE im TEMPELHOF-MUSEUM will be presenting the Women’s Museum Berlin with a chamber play consisting of the interference between Susanne Kienbaum’s spatially based, multi-media installations and Hye Young Kim’s paintings.
The works on display thematize the search for a personal place of arrival and feeling-at-home. This process of exploration is experienced not as a continuum but as a progression, one that considers moments of pausing to reflect as a necessary element. And though both artists work with the theme of “home/Heimat”, they do so in very different ways. The term, which in the last few years seems to have been taken up in almost an inflationary manner, means much more than just a physical place or the place where one resides: it must be understood as both an individual location and part of a process of artistic self-reflection.
Susanne Kienbaum creates site-specific works which employ the spaces and materials she finds in the actual exhibition situation. Her installations, videos, and objects refer to socially relevant themes while incorporating personal questions.
Photos and collages form the point of departure in the paintings of Hye Young Kim (1980, Seoul). Transforming mostly representational fragments into imaginary, surreal spaces, her work thematizes her search for a home.

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20.4. – 10.6.2018
Alt-Mariendorf 43, 12107 Berlin
Mo to Thu 10–18, Fri 10–14, Sun 11–15
 – free entrance –

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