Photo: Gerhard Haug

The Tempelhof Museum is located at the former schoolhouse of Mariendorf just a few kilometres from the former airport of Tempelhof, well served by bus and subway lines. The house was built in 1873. The municipal art gallery you will find on the mezzanine. Focusing on the work of professional artists, it also presents exhibitions that explore questions of a cultural-historical nature. During the summer the gallery offers engaged, Berlin-based artists a forum to present their works, thus bringing art directly to where people live. The gallery director is Barbara Esch Marowski.


until 20.1.2019  The Fullness of the Stars

Photographs by Ulrike Kolb
In the photographic work of Ulrike Kolb space and object become image. In the current exhibition the artist is showing photographs of the interiors of historical spaces of knowledge: universities, museums, memorial sites, and the objects found therein. We see delicate, poetic, and yet strict compositions that are sometimes jarring. But whether we are dealing with three-dimensional models, paintings, or photographs is often difficult to say.

24.1. – 17.3.2019  Schengen

Photographs by Ruth Stoltenberg

Schengen is a little winemaking town in Luxemburg which shares a border with Germany and with France. And it is here in this town that the agreement to eliminate the inner-European border checks of the Schengen Area was signed, a town which today, in the truest sense of the phrase, has run up against its borders. Photographer Ruth Stoltenberg grew up in this border triangle and was interested in exploring just what influence the opening of the borders has had after all this time on the various cultures and lifestyles of the people in those three countries. “Schengen” has received national and international prizes.

28.3. – 9.6.2019  Equal and Different

An exhibition by Christina Paetsch

Things are not what they seem. Whether found-objects from everyday life, botany, or the food industry all are witnesses to our relationship with ourselves and our environment. Visual artist Christina Paetsch primarily works in the areas of installation, video, and photography. Among other things, her deliberately staged still-lifes call into question consumer behaviour and ideas of beauty. In her work Paetsch delves into meditations at a social level on climate change, overproduction, and globalisation, while simultaneously challenging our habits of perception.

21.6. – 25.8.2019  Experiments - Ninth Tempelhofer Art Exhibition

For the ninth time in a row the paintings, graphic pieces, sculptures, and photographs of Berlin-based, semi-professional artists will be on display. Sanaa Ammar, Antonius, Wilhelm Bongartz, Gilda Brefeld, Aenne Burghardt, Fidels Daughter, Ulla Enghusen, Volker Franzius, Marianne Hönemann-Draeger, Ernstfriedrich Jünger, Petra Klein, Karen Lang, Renate Meßmacher, Anne Niehenke-Mölders, Barbara Pfitzner, Grietje Willms are showing their work.

5.9. – 10.11.2019 periphic
Photographs by Christoph Schieder
2016 artist Christoph Schieder, who lives in Tempelhof, began a new photographic project with the working title periphic. Influenced by contemporary Scandinavian photography, Schieder has now trained his aesthetically distorted eye on urban landscapes. Through these dark, grey tones the artist explores themes of transformation and stagnation, and the inner conflict between the contradictory desires of staying-put and breaking-out.

22.11. 2019 – January 2020  CrossKultur:
Paintings by Syrian artists Yaser Safi and Abdul Karim Majdal Albeik

Yaser Safi and Abdul Karim Majdal Albeik were both established artists in Syria. Teaching at various art schools, they were the recipients of numerous prizes and awards for their work. Both, however, were forced to leave Syria due to the war as well as their pro-democratic artistic positions. In 2017 the artists received grants from Berlin Artists Connected, a volunteer initiative of Berlin-based artists, locals, and internationals that, in particular, supports colleagues with a forced migration background. For this exhibition curator 
Dr. Benno Hinkes has selected new works from Yaser Safi and Abdul Karim Majdal Albeik.